Get To Know Slimline Manufacturing

It was the commissioning of the first low volume, automatic, concentrate sprayer by Agriculture Canada’s Dr James Marshall that led to the introduction of the “Turbo-mist”, airblast sprayer in 1948. From this early prototype the Turbo-mist sprayer manufactured by Slimline Manufacturing has evolved into the leading airblast sprayer for multiple crop applications.

As a professional engineer with a background in custom design and fabrication, Kim Blagborne, purchased the Turbo-mist sprayer as part of the assets of Okanagan Turbo Sprayers in 1991 and Slimline Manufacturing was formed. It was his experience spraying his orchard in Summerland, BC. that led to the  design and introduction of many of the  innovative features and options currently available on the Turbo-mist sprayer.

Innovative and Solution-Based Machinery

As a “custom” manufacturer of engineered products for clients seeking innovative and solution-based wind and water machinery, Slimline Manufacturing now offers products in a wide variety of segments including: Turbo-mist Agricultural Sprayers; Evaporation Systems; and Commercial and Industrial Sprayers. In addition Slimline Manufacturing offers an extensive parts service to its dealers and customers. Slimline Manufacturing sells products either through its extensive dealer networks in both Canada and the USA or directly through its own sales force to multiple industries in numerous markets around the world.