Dealer Information

Our Slimline Dealers

Slimline manufacturing Ltd has a network of dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Our dealers range from one to two person organizations to multi-level corporate companies covering many stores in a variety of Cities and states. It is a credit to our Dealers that we supply a great many customers with our Turbo-mist sprayers.

Servicing Your Equipment

Get the Best Out of Your Investment

Depending on the size of the Dealership you can get your Turbo-mist serviced in the dealer’s shop. Or, in many cases they are well equipped with service vehicles and can come to you instead. All our Dealers house a variety of Turbo-mist common parts to ensure you are able to keep your sprayer maintained and running in top order with a minimum of down time.

During harvest time, when every hour is critical, equipment downtime is inconvenient and costly. While we cannot promise that a machine will never break down we can ensure that our Dealers are supported by our very knowledgeable parts department. All of our dealers are trained in the best ways to service your sprayer and ensure you are getting the very best out of your investment.

Becoming a Slimline Dealer

We are always looking to expand our territory so if you are interested in becoming a Turbo-mists dealer please fill out the request form below.