Portable Industrial Evaporators

Slimline’s Evaporation Systems are innovative and superior portable industrial evaporators that enable clients to address environmental concerns such as the separation of contaminants from wastewater. From the development of an initial prototype Slimline has utilized its expertise in custom design and fabrication to develop the product into its current configuration to meet the needs of customers in multiple industries.

Our evaporation systems can dispose of waste water thereby providing cost effective solutions for customers in multiple industries including: mining, oil and gas, textiles, chemical processing, food and beverage processing, waste management and power generation. The Slimline evaporator is a patented product owned by Slimline Manufacturing.

Standardized Products

Slimline offers wastewater evaporators in two different configurations to meet customer requirements. The standardized models are offered in both “heavy industrial” and “light commercial” configurations. In addition solutions are designed on a “customized” basis to meet specific performance requirements and meet unusual operating conditions.

Evaporator Models

Heavy Industrial Series

The HIM series is built for the toughest operating conditions. High quality gauge steel and robust systems and controls make it ideal for the toughest environments. Models come in different sizes, click on the model of your choice to see all the product specifications:

  • HIM 30
  • HIM 24
  • HIM 19

Light Commercial Series

The LCM series is for the removal of surplus water under normal operating conditions and in less harsh environments. Models options are outlined below, click on the model of your choice to see all product specifications:

  • LCM 30
  • LCM 24
  • LCM 19

Ecomister Evaporator Inquiry

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