Components Outside the Specifications of Our Standardized Products

Based on the volume of water you need to eliminate and the operating conditions of your site you may require components outside the specifications of our standardized products. We often find this is the case due to the distances between the catchment area\evaporation pond and location of the pumping station based on the availability of power etc. Understanding the design and limitations of your site then becomes critical to ensure the evaporator configuration is correct to ensure you receive the operating performance desired.

We can offer customized configurations including special hoses and pumping equipment as required. We offer evaporator packages such as a Tri-pack, Dual-pack and as a Single-Pack which satisfies large water volume scenarios. Selecting your evaporation solution includes selecting the appropriate base to locate the evaporator on. Base options include land-based platforms, trailers for easy movement and water-based float platforms.

Customized Options

Slimline also offers you a variety of different control systems with different levels of functionality, weather systems for enhanced data capture and measurement of efficiencies and pumping packages to meet different pumping pressure requirements based on elevation and hose lengths are all available.

How do I select the right Evaporator Configuration for my Application?

To select the appropriate evaporator configuration we need you to provide us with the specific evaporation characteristics of your site. Once we have that information we engineer the optimal solution to meet your needs on the most cost effective basis possible.

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