LCM Series

The 240 Series is the intermediate version of our full sized 300 Heavy Industrial series. The design differs from our commercial series in that the motor is direct coupled to the turbine. These units are designed for clients that do not need large volume disposal and have limited space. With this reduction in size there is less air volume which provides less water particle exposure, which results in reduced disposal volumes.

All units in the LCM series refer to the power head design and are available in a variety of configurations depending on your specific needs. LCM is specifically for those clients who demand a product designed to operate 3000 hour per year or less.

Light Commercial Model Series

Design Criteria

  • Coatings:
    • Basic Coating is epoxy paint
    • Intermediate Coating is to box liner material
    • Top of the line Rolls Royce of coatings is Scotch Coat 134
  • Safety is everything. This is why each Turbo mister enhanced evaporation system is equipped with a NEMA #4 control enclosure
  • Isolation provides durability of design. We know that the contents in the water, that our clients want us to dispose, will cause build up on the moving parts. This is why when designing our LCM series we used the knowledge we gained over the years of manufacturing agricultural sprayers and installed a fan stabilization bearing. By providing this additional bearing support (that others don’t) we are able to reduce vibration between the motor and the fan thereby reducing vibration caused by potential build up on the fan.
  • All grease points are easily accessed thru a remote line for convenient lubrication.
  • Critical items should be designed for intended use, all items that come into contact with the disposal solution are stainless steel;
    • Nozzle Ring
  • The key to evaporation is consistent water particle size.  We know from time to time nozzle maintenance will be required, this is why we have made our simple cam lock mounted system for ease of maintenance.
  • Pressure is “KEY” when developing the critical size for maximum evaporation. This is why every Turbo mister enhanced evaporator system is equipped with its own pressure gauge.
  • Other features include
    • 360 horizontal rotation of evaporator when installed on standard base.
    • Air outlet can be adjusted for different angles to help control drift.
    • 2” stainless steel cam lock

What is the significance of the letter and numbers in the models?

C= Carbon steel Turbine and air outlet

24= size of the Turbine

L = the mounting base is designed for land installation

W= wheel based is designed for ease of movement around the job site

F= the mounting base is designed to be used in conjunction with our floats for pond installation. The benefit of this style is that by floating the evaporators you can increase operational times during windy periods because the unit is in the center of the disposal pond.

Configurations – High Water Volume

For higher water volume scenarios we recommend combinations of evaporators fitted with higher capacity components and pumps to maximize performance.

If you have a large reservoir to evaporate and your ideal timeframe is limited by weather or other factors we recommend you consider a Dual – Pac (two evaporators) or Tri Pac (three evaporators) designed with an integrated pumping and power package to minimize operating costs while achieving maximum evaporation rates.


All evaporators can be skid mounted, float mounted or trailer mounted subject to the requirements of transport and usage.



Product Configurations

Configuration Turbine Size Turbine Material Fan Construction & Balance Fan Finish Wind Tunnel Construction Filters Nozzle Ring Nozzles Motor Type Motors (HP) Finish Options Warranty Height Length Width Shipping Weight Shipping Platform Power Source Needed Power to Run Evaporator
LCM 24" Stainless Steel Dynamically balanced aluminum Powder Coated Stainless Steel Dual Drive Perforated Stainless Steel Screen Stainless Steel 30 Tee Jet teflon spiral jets 841 High Efficiency 3ph motors 25 HP recommended Epoxy pain - for 6-8 ph levels
ScotchKote 134 - for 2-11 ph levels
1 Year parts and warranty 74" 88" 48" 900lbs (409kgs) Pallet on deck, van or sea container 460 volt - 60 hertz 13KW\HR


Eliminates US Gallaons/Month Max Throw distance from machine: Capacities - US Gallons:
Configuration Volume in US Gallons\Month @ 20% efficiency @ 30% efficiency @ 45% efficiency Length Height per Minute per Hour per Day per Month per Year Nozzle Pressure Nozzle Ring Discharge Pressure
LCM 2,592,000 @100psi 518,400 777,600 1,166,400 60 feet (18 metres) 40 feet (12 metres) 60 3600 86,400 2,592,000 31,104,000 2.0 US Gallons per minute 100 PSI

Base Options

Base Type Land Base Float Base Trailer Base - 3 Wheels
Configuration Height Length Width Shipping Weight Shipping Platform Leg Options Height Length Width Shipping Weight Shipping Platform Leg Options Height Length Width Shipping Weight Shipping Platform Leg Options
LCM 120" 120" 80" 1575 lbs (715 kgs) Pallet on deck, van or sea container 4, angled for rocky surfaces
4 barge style legs
120" 144" 96" 2650 lbs Pallet on deck, van or sea container N\A 132" 144" 48" 2250 lbs (1020 kgs) Pallet on deck, van or sea container N\A

Pump Options

Model Gould GS Series 4 Submersible
Configuration Required HP


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