Slimline Manufacturing leverages more than four decades of manufacturing legacy to produce world-class, premium agricultural sprayers that provide reliable, consistent spraying performance to farmers over an extended lifetime. Using Slimline’s patented “Turbo-mist” airblast technology, Turbo-mist Agricultural Sprayers are market leaders that offer unmatched spraying results in multiple crop applications through the use of its proven air delivery system.

Turbo-mist Agricultural Sprayers

Offered In Two Distinct Series

Other Slimline Agricultural Sprayers

Turbo-mist Cherry Blower

Our Turbo-mist Cherry blower is designed to offer you the ability to blow the moisture off your cherries to prevent splitting due to rain.

Multi-row Airblast Sprayer

Our “multi-row” sprayer units produce a large volume of low velocity air and can be configured to spray 2 or three rows simultaneously.

Rotomister 360

These custom designed multi-purpose sprayers are ideal to combat insect plagues like mosquito larve in high trees or swampy fields.

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