Premium Agricultural Sprayers

Slimline Manufacturing leverages more than four decades of manufacturing legacy to produce world-class, premium agricultural sprayers that provide reliable, consistent spraying performance to farmers over an extended lifetime. Using Slimline’s patented “Turbo-mist” airblast technology, Turbo-mist Agricultural Sprayers are market leaders that offer unmatched spraying results in multiple crop applications through the use of its proven air delivery system.

Other Slimline Agricultural and Industrial Sprayers

With our design and fabrication expertise we have developed a variety of Slimline Manufacturing products for various agricultural applications. Be sure to contact your Slimline Dealer who can advise you on the many features of these Slimline sprayers and assist you to select the model that will best suits your needs!

Turbo-mist Cherry Blower

Our Turbo-mist Cherry blower is designed to offer you the ability to blow the moisture off your cherries to prevent splitting due to rain, just prior to picking.


Two Models are Available:

S30PM55 – this model utilizes the same fan and gearbox (Bima M55) as our Turbo-mist “Heavy Duty” series sprayers. This unit generates 25,551 CFM air volume while requiring only 55 horsepower on the PTO.

S38PM55 – this model has a 38 inch turbine that generates approximately 57% more air volume (40.110 CFM) than the standard S30PM55. This increased performance this model requires a minimum of 80 PTO hp to crank the turbine at this speed.


  • Frame: 8 1/2” x 2” steel tubing.
  • Turbine: 30” and 38” Turbo-mist fan with a heavy-duty two speed American-made Weasler gearbox with neutral position. The fan is attached directly to output shaft. The heavy duty PTO shaft connects the tractor to the gearbox.
  • The overall length of either unit is 5 feet 2 inches. Both models have an aluminum cover to prevent intake of tree branches due to suction produced by the fan.


Our standard Slimline Manufacturing warranty – 1 year parts and labor.

V Series Sardi Multi-row Airblast Sprayer

If you require a “multi-row” sprayer then this is the unit for you. Utilizing Sardi hydraulic fans – this unit can be configured to spray 2 or three rows simultaneously. The axial flow Sardi fan produces a large volume of low velocity air, direct blast, with no ducting or bending of the airstreams, thus giving the best coverage with low power inputs.

Sardi Sprayer

Advantages of this unit are:

Excellent coverage due to smaller water droplet sizes

High speed operation due to improved coverage

Reduced drift due to close proximity to target

Low horse power needs means fuel savings

Lower labor costs with multi-row coverage

Stainless tanks with mechanical agitation and tandem axles standard

Specifications include:

Width is 61 inches wide from outside tire to outside tire

Tires are 9.5L x 15SL (larger tires not available nor required for load)

Tandem Torflex axles smooth ride to protect the boom

Udor Zeta 170 43 gpm diaphragm pump, PTO driven inline on the 3 pt hitch

Hydraulic power pack is equipped with a self-sensing load pump with a 25-gallon oil reservoir

The hydraulic power pack is a closed system meaning no exposure to the tractor hydraulics is possible. All hydraulics, including agitation is driven by power pack.

Tanks are made of 304 Stainless steel and feature hydraulically driven mechanical SS agitation, four tanks sizes 300, 400, 500 and 600 US gallons are available.

No tractor hydraulics are required.

Manual row width adjustment is standard.

Hydraulic lift and folding boom system with toggle controls at the tractor seat.

All tanks sit on a three-saddle system, all ends rolled and outlets the standard Turbo-mist design feature. Our tanks feature a 10-year warranty.

Standard calibration with Teejet TX nozzles is 50 gallons per acre. This can be reduced to 25 gallons per acre or increased to 200+ gallons per acre. Average water droplet from Teejet TX conejet nozzles at 100 psi is 75 microns

Three row, twelve (12) head configuration is the standard configuration


Our standard Slimline Manufacturing warranty – 1 year parts and labor.

Rotomister 360

This custom built, multi-purpose sprayer is ideal for combatting insect plagues in any region around the globe. Whether the insect or Larvae is 80 feet in the air in the tree tops or in ditches and swampy fields the Roto-mist cannon can be manipulated with just the touch of a Joy stick. With its many safety features the operator is always protected from any pesticides being applied or any unforeseen events that may arise. In an ever changing global climate the Roto-mist has been very well received by mosquito plagued cities in an attempt to reduce possible health threats to their citizens.



Equipped with a state of the art climate – controlled cab and air conditioning system to ensure operator safety this multi-purpose sprayer sprays insecticides and other chemicals.

The sprayer is attached to a hydraulic arm and can be placed in multiple positions and heights up to 100 feet to maximize spraying coverage.

Nozzles are located in the center of the air stream and the unit is designed to turn in a circle and aim up and down ensuring targeted spraying to minimize chemical usage.

This unit is ideal for cities and municipal councils who need to control insect plagues and related diseases or to maintain the condition and health of trees in local forests and parks.


Frame Size – can be custom designed with any dimension required for truck or trailer size.

Tank Size – 100-600 US gallon options.

Turbine – Stainless steel 24” or 30” Turbo-mist axial flow fan.

Driveline – Weasler CB 30 series, CB38- series.


Our standard Slimline Manufacturing warranty – a full 1 year parts and labor warranty.

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