Turbo-mist Agricultural Sprayers

Slimline Turbo-mist Sprayers are leveraging more than four decades of legacy to produce world-class, premium agricultural sprayers, all while limiting operational costs to farmers.

Evaporation Systems

Slimline Evaporation Systems are innovative portable industrial evaporators that enable clients to address environmental concerns such as the separation of contaminants from wastewater.

Agricultural & Industrial Parts

Slimline Parts specializes in providing clients access to conventional branded parts as well as Slimline’s OEM parts through leveraging its purchasing power and manufacturing capabilities.

Unparalleled Service & Products

Slimline Manufacturing is committed to providing unparalleled customer service alongside durable, custom-made products designed for specific agricultural and industrial applications. We are focused on environmentally responsible spraying practices and issues associated with the disposal of environmental waste water.

Customer Comments Enhanced Evaporation

Mar 2017

“I had 3 of your evaporators on hire through National Pump & Energy (NPE) for approximately 9 months and found them very effective.”
“I would like to know what  would be involved in purchasing the set previously mentioned shipped to Australia,

Kind Regards,
Damian Ryan
Landfill Manager

Customer Comments Agricultural

Feb 2017

Since Turbomist introduced us to their “Gear Up Throttle Down” Concept using their pump reduction drive system, we have not looked back and can’t understand why we did not use the “Gear Up Throttle Down” concept sooner.
We noticed significant improvement in coverage, major savings in chemicals and fuel usage and a reduction in fan noise.  Not to mention less stress on our tractor due to lower PTO speed.  All this by “Gear up Throttle Down”.  I must say if you’re not in Gear Up Throttle Down you’re wasting your hard earned money.
Rob Wedel – Chelan Fruits –  WA USA